Shunning Israel and Building Radical New Communities: Young Jews

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The Young Jews Shunning Israel and Building Radical New Communities

Widespread social platform changed the information flow and bypassed the 6 multinational media conglomerates news manufacturing process

Growing up with the knowledge that you have a homeland, a country that was fought for in your name, to be a place of safety should you ever face persecution for your culture and your faith, is a comforting thought.

This is what that the state of Israel promises the eight million Jews living in diaspora communities around the world.

The Israeli Government is mounting the pressure for us to make the move there, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calling on Jews to relocate to the state: “I would like to tell all European Jews, and all Jews wherever they are: ‘Israel is the home of every Jew… Israel is waiting for you with open arms,'” he said last year.

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