Brilliant Ways Sweden Recycles Its Garbage

Ireland, we have no excuse. We import 90% fossil fuels. We cd import waste because we are an island with port access. However if our Government in limbo put this on their urgent policy agenda for the next five years we could seriously change attitudes of people to lower emissions and create alternative sources and deal with waste. Education is essential. Habit is waste and forget but the key to remember is a new habit based on an article like this can create new habits – therein is the the positive going forward. Excellent TedTalk about environment former vice President US

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 Brilliant Ways Sweden Recycles Its Garbage

Recycling in Sweden has become part of their way of life.

They take it very seriously, so seriously in fact, that when they run out of garbage to recycle they will even import trash from other countries to turn it into energy.

Imagine if all countries were so good at recycling their own waste!

Here are a few things we can learn from the Swedes about recycling…

1. Recycling stations everywhere

As a rule, there’s a recycling station less than a mile away from every residential area in Sweden.

2. Leftover Medicine

Instead of tossing pill bottles in the trash or leaving them in medicine cabinets, 43 percent of Swedes give their leftover medication back to pharmacists.

Apoteket, a major pharmacy outlet, last year sent 378 tons of collected and internal waste for safe combustion.

3. Discounts for Used Clothing

Last year Swedish…

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