POETRY: Well known poets but unknown also; people in my life who wrote and did not publish. Compiled by Michelle Clarke

World Poetry Day





I think I have lost something on the way. What it is I do not know?
Shall I turn back? It is so far off now. Yet it is a pity to let it go. 

I have lost something but do not know what.  Is it anything of worth?
I shall let it be for the day is short and vast is the earth. 

Already the shadows fall from the trees; Long is my shadow.   My heart is unquiet.  It cries turn back.  My loss torments me so.  So I stand still in the midst of the road, tormented, doubt tossed;

I have lost something but do not know what but I know I have lost

My uncle Paddy, wrote this a pocket size green notebook along with quotations, while living in Japan, in 1985. He gave this green notebook to…

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