District Court No 2, Parkgate Street, Dublin 8: a morning visit with a notebook (November 2014) by Michelle Clarke

Pope Francis says of ‘Waste, it is stealing from the poor’. The Sean Fitzpatrick, longest in Irish history case, proves that our system from ODCE to DPP to courts is a shambles. Waste is in abundance and the taxpayer pays … when do we say No. We need to empower the Criminal Assets Bureau to deal with Corruption. President Trump speaks of ‘Draining the Swamp’. Ireland urgently needs to tackle waste and a good place to start is where the Justice system fails dismally and costs inordinate sums of money which inevitably is paid for by vulnerable people, taxpayers and citizens.


Observer reports in astonishment at the waste of citizen’s resources in routine arrests; referrals to the DPP; decisions to prosecute and who pays?
Courts of Justice
November 2014
Defence:        Michael Hanohoe:
Prosecution:  Mr Hamilton:

Notes by Michelle Clarke

The Criminal Courts of Justice http://www.courts.ie  is the principal courts building for the criminal courts in the Republic of Ireland. It is on Parkgate Street, near the Phoenix Park.

You enter this recently constructed imposing building.  All items in bags are diligently checked through monitors. Even the bottle of water had to be thrown in bin if not consumed.

What immediately strikes you is the vast space with groups people in huddles.  We recognised two Gardai, a Garda Hunt and Garda Falvey and we spoke to Brian Purcell solicitor.

At 10.30 am we  entered Court No 2. The area for the witnesses is on the left, the…

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